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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Little Drug Warlords

So i did midterms last week and this week. For my speaking classes they had to get into groups and pretend as if they are starting a business together. They had to give a presentation and basic market strategy in front of the class. talk about things like....

what is the business?
where is it located?
what is your product or service?
how did you get the money?
how will you advertise?
blah blah blah...

Most were pretty boring.....lots of supermarkets, book stores, restaurants etc...

but then one group in my Post-grad class came up with something a little more creative.

it was 2 boys and 2 girls. they got up in front of the class and stated that they were starting a drug company. i assumed they meant pharmacy and thought it was an interesting choice.
but then they said that their company would specialize in opium and heroin.

opium and heroin.
but they would offer MANY kinds of drugs.
Then they went on to explain that they would start the business by stealing money and doing money laundering. in order to make their product in a cost efficient way, they were going to hire child labor to work their "factory". CHILD LABOR!!! At this point i start laughing. i'm just so shocked ......come on...child labor. you would have laughed too. anyways, the whole group stops for a second looks at me and then just continues unshaken. thy next portion was on how they would pay off a small section of the police to protect them and how they would be investing in private ships and jets. and last but not least, they would advertise and gain new customers by getting many famous celebrities hooked on their drugs so people will think it's cool and come to them.

They gave the whole presentation straight faced...they weren't even thrown off when i laughed and the class would occasionally snicker. completely serious delivery. So i have NO idea if they were serious or not....or if they even realized just how funny and clever it was.

i have to admit i was pretty impressed...the presentation itself was well thought out and delivered plus they even had the guts to stand up and do it in the first place. not to mention the creativity it a country not known for encouraging or nourishing creativity in it's students.

awesome bu awesome?

Friday, November 02, 2007

Friends, birthdays,and Typhoons!!

So a random update from China......Been really busy with classes this semester....But still loving it here. It's suddenly really cold and I'm not sure I'm ready for winter. Marcos came last weekend to visit....aaannnd i've been getting phone calls from people who used to be in china but have since left to go back to the US. It's been sooooooooo nice to hear from them.

Last night was the big Halloween party! SOOO Fun!! will be posting those pics later. I love teaching Halloween. I played The Monster Mash in class. They seemed to really dig it. are some new pics

Some of my fav. people this semester....adorable Korean girls i live with.

You can never have too many KTV pics!!
Tanya and Alexis rocking out

Tanya and I took a little visit to the spa!!! we had a crazy crazy honey and milk massage....they wrapped us up in saran wrap cocoons of deliciousness.
aren't we gorgeous in our face masks!!

Spas in china will let you sleep there all night for really really cheap. Ver y relaxing....cleanest i've felt in china. and after we released all those toxins...we quickly put them back in by having a tasty Mc Donald's breakfeast!!

Nate and i ran into these awesome dancing ladies downtown....this is why i love china.

Movie Night with the girls!!!

A friend's birthday...she was turning 19.
When the typhoon hit it was nuts!!! So much rain and wind!! Outside my apartment was knee deep by the end of it!
reflections of the store lights in the water

Will be posting again SOON with halloween pics and some stories!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

teachers day, turtle funerals, and chinese militants

Well, we're now 2 weeks into the semester and i'm already feeling a bit swamped.....
It's amazing how much comes up in a week.

Nate had some exciting news. He got his HSK (aka big bad china test) results back. He scored a very very high 6 which is really good. And it is high enough that he was told he was allowed to enroll in normal university classes, meaning taking classes with the chinese students. So he went over to another campus and has officially signed up for medical school in china.

Monday was Teacher's Day in China. Last year all i got was some "happy teachers day" texts from students. this year one of my classes gave me a beautiful bouquet of Lilies. And another classes did a little Happy Teachers Day oral presentation for me. It was great

This is my sophomore writing class....the flowers are sitting on the desk.
The beginning of the first semester always means that the new freshmen have to go through their required military training. Which basically means the march around campus a lot looking very communist. Nate was hoping that because he was freshman in the medical school he would be allowed to do the military training too....but alas no dice.

So in my last post i mentioned a new turtle.... well what i didn't mention was he was a little special. And by special....i mean he had no eyes. Meiyou Eyeballs. So i named him Old Blind Joe. Unfortunately Old Blind Joe got rot inside his shell and ended up passing away yesterday. So i thought the only proper thing to do would be to have a viking funeral for the little guy. My other turtle, Panda, is still going strong....maybe i should be suspicious that his roommates keep dying.
Anyways.....back to the viking funeral....

This was the crazy set up Nate and came up with. You can't see Old Blind Joe in this pic....but he's proudly placed on the lookout of the boat. we thought if we tied it to the box of sand it would help it float.
the grieving mother...

We knew it wouldn't light up on it's own.....that some sort of lighter fluid would be we poured Baijiu (Chinese liquor) on it.
The solemn march to the water. The boat was also a music we wound it up as we entered the water. The sound of it's little tune playing with the sound of the waves, and the fog on the water made it actually a little creepy.
This is us trying to light the boat...unfortunately it didn't go as well as hoped and the boat sank...
but hey, it's the thought that counts.

This is Eun Hye...and being the good friend that she is, she was the pallbearer for our funeral procession from my house to the beach.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

more summer camp pics and my second home

So my Friend sent me some more pictures from the summer well as just us kinda hanging a second picture post! I'm on a roll this month!

This is jess and i playing a game with kids.....the would hold a korean word above our heads and they had to try adn get us to guess what it was only using the little english they knew. SO FUN!

My second home in china! I love these ladies sooooo much!!

This is their dog. He is waaaay to cute and lovable. his name is Anu...i have no idea if i spelled that right, probably not because it's a complete guess. apparently it's name means "I'm yellow"

Well i got my schedule yesterday. Not bad cause i had only 6 classes....buuut i have two writing classes....and i kinda hate teaching writing. Oh well... can't win them all i suppose.

While i was gone my friend Daniel and his girlfriend Micky baby sat my pet turtles for me. Unfortunately one passed away while i was gone. but being the sweetheart that she is, micky bought me a new turtle AND a whole new home for my boys. adddorable.
Still haven't named the new guy if any one has an suggestions.....

I can't believe classes start again on monday. don't quite feel prepare to be back at it yet.
Nate gets back to china tomorrow which is great news cause i've missed him so much. There are also some new teachers this semester...and one of them went to the same college as me. So far he seems like a cool guy. about some random summer pics.
Days at the beach.........

..........Nights at KTV

I would totally fit in the over head compartment!

Traveling in style in china....another bus....
Sometimes bus rides make me go a little loopy.

I've become really good friends with a korean woman and her son. they're incredibly nice and loads of fun to be with. So for a good chuck of the break i found myself basically living with them.
Her Church had a camp this summer for a couple days and she invited Jess and I to come. it was mainly high school and college age students....they were really nice and good fun.

This was the first day where they played this funny game where you challenge other people to rock paper scissors....then losers had to carry people around on their backs.
Another game.... The fill the tubs with water and then everyone in the group has to take turns kick off their shoes while trying to balance the tub. They got me in on a round...we didn't last long...and i was throughly soaked.

Everybody into the pool! the pool was actually right beside the they just fill the pool with sea water....